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QuickTours is a full-service, hands-free marketing solution for real estate agents. Our technology is one-of-a-kind, and it's all designed to help you sell more homes without any extra work on your part.

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Provided to all JPAR agents
  • JPAR-Branded Videos
  • Upload to JPAR YouTube
  • JPAR-Branded Landing Pages
  • MLS Approved Tour Page
  • QuickTours SEO Tool


7-day free trial and then $149/mo $59.99/mo
  • Unlimited Cinemagraph Creation
  • Agent-Branded Video Creation
  • Personal YouTube Creation
  • Upload to Personal YouTube
  • Agent-Branded Landing Pages
  • MLS-Approved Tours
  • Keep all of the content we make
  • QuickTours SEO Tool

Highlight Videos

We synchronize with MLS automatically every 15 minutes. When you get a new listing, we design, edit, and publish a highlight video for you! It's SEO-optimized, uploaded to your YouTube channel, and links homebuyers directly to your website!

A study found that "Homes listed with video get four times the inquiries of homes listed without video" (National Association of Realtors). Also, “85% of buyers and sellers want to work with an agent who uses video” (NAR).

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Your first few videos are 100% free to try. We just want the chance to wow you.

Professional Real Estate Websites

Boost your branding, leads, and sales with a website with top of the line search engine optimization (SEO), MLS synchronization, MLS search feature, automated marketing packages, and more! Oh, and no long term contracts.

You can get a refund at any time. We just want the chance to wow you.

Unique Looping-Sky Cinemagraphs

We can also create a looping-sky cinemagraph to increase the initial engagement this listing receives and capture the attention of future homebuyers!

This cutting-edge marketing tool has a “71% higher organic reach on social media than still photos” -

Request Cinemagraph Watch Demo
Your first few Cinemagraphs are 100% free to try. We just want the chance to wow you.

Immersive Listing Tours

These tours beautifully combine all your marketing material into one simple page. Each tour comes with two versions; the first gains you homebuyer leads and the second is approved to insert into MLS.

Lead-Capturing Landing Pages

Blow your clients out of the water by highlighting their home with these beautifully optimized tours, uniquely designed to increase homebuyer leads!

MLS-Approved Virtual Tour Links

Don't use the generic, low-quality virtual tours that are currently representing your listings in MLS. Upgrade them to our powerful MLS-Approved tours!

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Your first few Tours are 100% free to try. We just want the chance to wow you.

Search Engine Optimized Listings

Become a search engine optimization wizard in seconds!
All you do is type in the keywords and we do the rest.

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Optimize SEO
  • Submit to Google
  • Optimize Title Tags
  • Optimize Meta Descriptions
  • Optimize Page Headers
  • Youtube Descriptions
  • Rename Listing Photos
  • Update Photo Alt Tags
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Your first SEO Enhancements are 100% free to try. We just want the chance to wow you.


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